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Since you installed MPC (which comes with K-Lite Codec) you no longer need to use Windows Media Player (which is a joke).

Set MPC as the default player for all audio and video files then try opening it.

However, as far as I know, VOB is not normally viewable on its own, as it is a part of a video file. I could be wrong though.


Agree 100% with both Mike2K and SaintAce. VLC can play just about any media type, including stuff that Windows Media Player just barfs on... I run it in both Windows and Linux.


VOB files are mpeg2 DVD files. As the others have said, VLC will have no problems with these. Note that most DVDs have multiple 1GB VOB files associated with a single video, so you will probably want to highlight all the VOBs in a set and drop those on VLC directly. That way, you will get the entire video displayed without breaks. Alternatively, if the video is a full DVD image (VIDEO_VS directory), then open the directory that VIDEO_DS is contained in with VLC, and you will get the entire DVD, menus and all.

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