I have a problem that windows media player cannot play vob files in windows 8.I have already installed k-lite codec.
In windows 7, I can watch any video files with wmp player.
Please help me!

Use VLC. Windows media player is a joke.

Since you installed MPC (which comes with K-Lite Codec) you no longer need to use Windows Media Player (which is a joke).

Set MPC as the default player for all audio and video files then try opening it.

However, as far as I know, VOB is not normally viewable on its own, as it is a part of a video file. I could be wrong though.

Agree 100% with both Mike2K and SaintAce. VLC can play just about any media type, including stuff that Windows Media Player just barfs on... I run it in both Windows and Linux.

WOW!! a question i can answer with pride. well let me tell you the story -I started watching this series but when i got to season 3 the formats were all mp4 - wich WMP didnt play. WELLLL heres your solution to every format youve ever had problems with : http://get.videolan.org/vlc/2.1.3/win32/vlc-2.1.3-win32.exe

VOB files are mpeg2 DVD files. As the others have said, VLC will have no problems with these. Note that most DVDs have multiple 1GB VOB files associated with a single video, so you will probably want to highlight all the VOBs in a set and drop those on VLC directly. That way, you will get the entire video displayed without breaks. Alternatively, if the video is a full DVD image (VIDEO_VS directory), then open the directory that VIDEO_DS is contained in with VLC, and you will get the entire DVD, menus and all.

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