I've been asked many times how to play Video DVD and Blu-Ray (BR) on Windows for years.

Until now I've always lamented the lack of free BR player software. But last week the CNET Cheapskate published a freebie player. I'll try it in a few days.
Link -> https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-watch-dvds-for-free-in-windows-10/

Most of us know VLC Player will handle Video DVDs and unprotected Blu-Ray but so far in years I've yet to find an unprotected Blu-Ray title.

Be sure to watch for what media you want to play when you first launch this player. Many folk miss that and gripe later about it taking over the audio duties.

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@rubberman, I hear you. While I don't own a lot of Blu-Ray discs it was great to finally find a player that I could install for free.

Physical media here is pretty much on its way out much to the alarm of some folk.

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