well first of all i want to tell you guys how gratefull i am to find a site wich helps people in trouble without asking for money (you dont see that very muvh lately), and now ito my problem, i am runnin a compaq presario 900, OS windows xp sp3, my problem is that after i update windows (through windows update page or the yellow icon on the botton right) when i reboot the system (wich i must do), my desktop fully diapears, no icons, no bar, no nothing, i open taskmanager, and try running explorer.exe and it only opens "my documents", the only way i am able to get everything back is restoring (manually) through he new task button in taskmanager, i would really appreciate, if anyone could tell if there is a known solution of some sort... but well thank you guys in advance...

And if i post this in the wrong thread, please move it or let me know ^^ (i dont write to much in forums).

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well, i've ound out the problem, it was a worm virus that had infected system files, and once it installed the updates the files where corrupt, so it caused the problem, now i've cleaned the laptop with AVG 8 free edition, and its running smooth, buty thanks guys anyway, ^^

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