well, i'm quite sure my modem is physically okey. but i guess it's the modem software what's disturbing. programme is stuck in "initializing" loop forever. i've tried reinstalling the software, updating the driver, rolling back the driver, reinstalling the driver, checked network driver, even resetting the windows.

but nothing worked.

as a matter of fact, this very modem is working fine in my another PC. which is also windows 10.

a screen shot is given. anyone giving a solution will be treated thankfully.

Re: Modem is not working 80 80

Modems come in various designs. We have classic ones that connect to some RS232 Serial Port that we rarely have to install any drivers and can test with AT commands, then WinModems that were slipped into some PCI slot and were generally thought to be the Devil's spawn. Now we have USB Modems that well, don't work at all on most PCs except when you follow the directions.

You may have to tell a lot more.

Re: Modem is not working 80 80

Please try to use the modem in other pc or try a diffrent modem in your pc by this you will find problem if other modem does not work with your then it must be your mother boards fault

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