I have visual basic 6 program which loading and saving a big .bmp file.

This is the bizarre thing:

It runs okay (although slow) in windows xp with Intel Pentium 1.5 Ghz processor and 512 Mb of RAM.

So, logically it will run okay and faster in windows xp with Pentium 4 2.80 Ghz processor and 1 Gb of RAM. But it is not the case.
I cannot even load a picture with it.. and it keeps on saying:

Run-time error '7':

Out of memory

and then it will quit from the software.


I know that "better" computer is running much slower than normal.
Sometimes I need to wait to open a folder :(

What can I do to fix this problem? this is so bizarre..
I cannot reinstall the entire windows.. because I have microsoft visio in it, and apparently I lost the original cd :(


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  • Like I said in my post...............Do not use the registry cleaner. [url=http://miekiemoes.blogspot.com/2008/02/registry-cleaners-and-system-tweaking_13.html]Why Registry cleaners should not be used.[/url] Read More


Have you scanned it for malware recently? If you have, with what software?

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I have trend micro antivirus installed in the machine..
And every week or so, it will automatically scan the entire computer for virus, and maybe for malware too.


No, I don't have any anti malware. What's anti malware that you recommend? Only the malware scanner will do. Since, I don't want to download a virus instead, if someone put it as the anti malware name.


thanks, for comctl32.ocx and fm20.dll.
By the way regcure which is linked by that page works wonder.. I got more than 349 errors and still counting.. I hope it will fix my problem, thanks


In regards to your 'Out of memory' problem, I think the file you are saving is far too big for the program to save/open!

.bmp files are incredibally huge sometimes which drains high amounts of resources to open/save them.

Next time, try to make the file smaller!



thanks for the reply :) I have not used the registry cleaner yet.
I just replaced some of the .dll, but it is still cause a problem.

the .bmp file is huge (around 5 mb), but I really need to keep precision and quality of the picture. So, I am afraid that .jpeg is not really an option for it :(


yes.. the easiest solution is not letting that computer to access the program at all :) it only happens in that computer by the way.. the rest (even the slower one) are good. Maybe since that computer is only be used 1-2 hrs a week, so it is degrading... lol...

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