Using Norton utilities norton detected a file missing in windows\system32, how do you recover lost files in windows XP? what command do you execute to reinstall system files?

put the Windows disk into your CD drive, then run in a Command Prompt:

sfc /scannow

If there are any missing files, that should restore them.

also if the files have been changed in anyway (updated, patched, etc) they will also be replaced.


Question for the group: If you replace the files from the CD-ROM, you would be going back to the "shipping version" and be installing files that may have been patched.

How can one be sure that an unstable condition is not being created? If Microsoft makes registry edits when applying patches, and the user restores from CD, wouldn't the replaced files need to be patched? I fear that the user may be re-introducing errors / flaws by doing this, and would want to know if support patches can be forced from Windows Update.

Personally, I have re-imaged computers when this happens to me, just so that I can be at peace in my mind that the patches are being applied and are accurate.

Just a thought.