Recently I went away from my computer for a couple hours and when I came back there were a bunch of im windows open with comments that suggested I had sent them a hyperlink.

Well, I didn't. I'll post the hyperink in this thread if it will help later. I have Peer Gaurdian on, I've scanned with the latest Norton AV, I've scanned with Adaware, I even upgraded to AIM 5.5. Plus I got some crazy file called the cwshredder from a friend of a friend who said he had a similar problem, but even that did not work.

Any suggestions on how to detect this if it is a file on my comp, or what to do if it is a hacker with like an AIM bot or something?

[P.S. i am still sending these links apparently]

Oh, also I went to the windows update page and still nothing.
Windows XP

..............hmm i deleted the folder earlier, and just now it was there again, i uninstalledit again....its not there....but will it return?
Both times i uninstalled it signed me off AIM but, did seem to uninstall it.

Any comments?

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