Please Include,
What version of windows
what service pack your on (if you know)
when the problem started

In the subject please give us an idea of the problem
if your computer freezes on startup
"My computers freezing on startup, please help" rather than help

also give us any other information you might know of like hardware

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When people experience problems and post them on TechTalkForums, they often have a hard time describing the entire situation. Including information about basic things is very important; nothing about your computer can be assumed.

Information that should always be include in a post:

  • Your Operating System Version and its patch level (e.g. Windows XP Service Pack 1) This can be found (on Windows machines) by going to the Control Panel -> System (under the General Tab).
  • The Make and Model of your machine (if it isn't a custom-built pc)
  • The last few programs that you've installed
  • How you got to your problem (what did you do to create the problem?)
  • Does the problem occur every time? Is it intermittant
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