Hello everyone.

Despite my boot order set to Windows Secure Boot (USB last) and UEFI, when I turn my computer on it hangs at loading until I disconnect all USB external devices.

When the computer tries to go to sleep mode, the screen goes black and I can hear the computer trying to go to sleep mode and coming back (the screen remains black) while the power light stays solid blue and I can not bring the screen back on. It is after I unplug all USB devices that the power light switches to blinking orange and then I can wake it up from that state.

Back in December, my computer caught a nasty virus from an infected USB memory for which I re-installed Windows 10 from a bootable USB created with unetbootin and an original copy of Windows 10. Everything else works normal.

Thank you for reading!

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I ran into this issue with the Insyde BIOS on a lot of PCs. Turns out it's a bug in their BIOS and so far uncorrectable. This has lead me to never buy another PC with that make BIOS.

What make is this BIOS?

If you are only trying to get the laptop functional again, replace the ram, the bios battery, and hard drive with off the shelf parts, then depending on how the mother board is configured you can either send it back to the mkg and they can format over the bios, and in many cases they have images that can be flashed to hard drives and usb sticks depending on the chip sets, but usually the issue is the computer is trying to remote boot using the IME engine. That can be updated but each board is going to be different. Unplugging the internet connections when booting often skips that issue but ultimately you have to flash corrupt bios with clean ones, to prevent stack over flow issues that the virus use as a vector to see what is in memory.

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