Hi Friends, PC running XP, version 3, 2GB Drive but gradually running out of space and 1TB external drive! I see my iTunes library is almost 41 GB and wonder if I could move this to my external hard drive to gain some space? Would iTunes find it okay?

Total Physical Memory 2,048.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 927.54 MB
Page File Space 3.04 GB

Thanks for your help

not a big fan of iTunes myself but, it should find the files when you move them,you may have to direct it to the external ,and it may also show them in duplicate after it scans for them.

also all[0r most anyway ] of the numbers you have in you post are that of Ram memory ,not hard drive storage memory, you say you have a 2gig and then say you have 41gig of music ,just typos im sure .

Oops, yes thanks, silly mistake. Will try to move iTunes library, will probably take a while - 6000 tracks! Thanks for your help. Terry