I am forgot my Windows 10 password, so how to recover that.

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And how are we to know whether you forgot your password or you just want to break into someone else's computer?

Windows 10 has TWO login methods.

  1. Email system using Microsoft's own servers.
  2. Local login.

Of these two NEITHER offer password recovery and if anyone is selling recovery (especially on item 1) then they are a fraud and scamming you.
The second or local login is, most of the time easy to reset. Now if the owner used BITLOCKER or whole disk encryption then you have to wipe the disk and do a clean install. Shame really as there should never be any data loss since anyone that does that should know to backup what they can't lose.

So with that out of the way I use the UTILMAN.EXE method noted at https://www.howtogeek.com/222262/how-to-reset-your-forgotten-password-in-windows-10/

As to recovering the old password, no one has shown me a working method. I've read and tried too many articles so for now, for today and local logins I use the UTILMAN.EXE method. If that fails (it hasn't) then we just wipe the drive and install the OS they want to run.

To recover your forgotten Windows 10 password you can follow any one of the following method:
1: Use Windows 10 Password Reset Disk
2: Reset Windows 10 Microsoft Account Online
3: Bypass Windows 10 Password with Windows Password Key(Recommend)
4: Reinstall Your Windows 10 and Access your PC without Password
5: Guess Your Password
6: Have Administrator Changed Your Forgotten Windows 10 Password

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