I’m dealing with a small SSD, and a 1 terabyte HDD. My issue is half the programs you install these days don’t even bother asking you where you’d like to install. About 90% of them I’m fine having on the HDD. What on earth - if anything - can I do to move an entitled, SSD-privileged program to my HDD and how do I repair the ensuing errors it makes?

For you to fix the errors would be specific to each app so there is no generic answer here other than to pester the app's author or company for better install options.

Here we don't allow at present less than 240GB SSD at the office because we have no reason to spend time on a 30 dollar drive replacement. That is, just last week we picked up the 240GB drive for 30USD and solved the low disk space issue. Now this does little for the poor soul that didn't know any better and bought one of those awful 32GB SSD laptops. My thought on those are these are how folk learn what doesn't work.

I also hate that. There is, however, and easy fix. Use two freeware programs:



Install your program normally then copy the folder to the desired location. Use the two freeware programs to find and replacce the old location with the new. Then you can remove the old folder. I've done this literally hundreds of times.