hey okay so here is my problem. I have windows vista sp2 on a wireless connction. well my connection switches from connected to limited or no connectivity and then back to connected and it wont stop switching. at the first glance it looks like a router problem but i everything else connected through the router work fine please help.

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Hello and welcome to Daniweb .could be a compatibly issue with router ,has it always done this or did it once work correctly

first lets get some info about you computer ,using this program .Speccy is an advanced System Information tool for your PC.

run the program let it analyze and then go to file and click publish snapshot and copy to clipboard and past the link in your next post

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see thats the thing it has worked before so i thought maybe if i restored it but that didnt fix it. so maybe a virus ran my removal kit and nothing turned up so then i reinstalled vista still the problem presit so i will run the speccy thing and post what i get


well i think i may have solved this myself it seems to be working fine now i have been going to random websites and its not shutting down i just installed the latest driver for my NIC and it seemed to work so i don't really know if i did something that made my old driver quit working all of a sudden or what but as of now i am marking this as solved and will update if things go down hill thanks for your Help though


okay so i know this is already marked as solve but something new popped up once i installed updates since i had completly reinstalled windows vista i had 100 updates to install well on the compeltion of this it went right back to going on and off and really slow loading web pages so i reset the winsock and it seems to be working now again so i am gonna leave it marked as solved sorry for not marking it before

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