I don't like the way my Win10 file search results are displayed and I can't find out how to change the settings. I've made changes to the 'Sort by' and 'Group by' options but can't seem to get the results I want.

An example: I type a search word in the Search bar on any given Windows 10 page and the results are shown. I may have 50 files in the A-H group, 50 in the I-P group, and 50 in the Q-Z group.

Only 10 (more or less) files in the A-H group are displayed with an option to 'Show all 50'. It's the same with groups I-P and Q-Z.

I had rather have all 150 files shown in one continuous A-Z grouping as this would make the particular file I'm looking for much easier to find. How do I go about changing the Sort by and/or Group by options settings to get the search results to display asI have described?

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As folks explore Windows File Explorer they eventually agree it's one size fits all doesn't work for specific things.

Why not try other file search apps like EVERYTHING and others?

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I have a free software named Quick Search. It is much better than the built in search app. It is much faster, particularly when searching over several drives at one time. It finds files Windows can't find. And it shows you a preview of the file. I will be using Quick Search more often, I suppose.

I bought my first computer when Vista came out. I thought Windows Media Player was the best thing I had ever seen. I couldn't understand why so many people on the Internet were complaining about it.

I was nieve. I soon learned why they were complaining. For starters, WMP would play only the few file types MS wanted you to play. I couldn't even import flac or png. Then I learned I had to download codecs as a workaround. And the list goes on. I found most free media players would play most any type file you threw at it.

To this day, Notepad doesnt have Spellcheck. The better and free Notepads do have it. Every third party app I have is free and everyone of them is better than its MS counterpart.

If I start a file search from the folder within which the file resides, it should be much faster than calling up and using a third party app. With Windows, I find that isn't true much of the time.


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As to speed, I may be wrong but at the office and home we may have removed our very last spinning rust mechanism (AKA HDD) so with that a lot of the delays are gone.

Re: File Search Results Display 80 80

Yes, EVERYTHING is good. I have used it.

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