There can various actions that take us to the cause of Data Loss,

Intentional Action

*Intentional deletion of a file or program*

Unintentional Action

*Accidental deletion of a file or program
Misplacement of CDs or Memory sticks
Administration errors
Inability to read unknown file format*

I really found this Wiki Content useful:

Re: The basic causes of Data Loss in Windows 80 80

So the old maxim that "we only lose what we don't backup" is still true?

I'm running into newer users of PCs, Apple, smart phones and more that feel this is a dinosaur of a problem and the fault is not theirs.

Re: The basic causes of Data Loss in Windows 80 80

My neighbour's son is a freelance 3D graphics artist. He had two years work on his PC when someone in the flat below fell asleep with cigarette in his hand, and burned down the building. That was last month. He had no backups.
He justifies it by saying how rare house fires are. I asked if whether it would be any better if someone stole his PC - not a rare ocurrence.
He's now rebuilding his models as best he can from memory.

He still has no backup plan.

commented: When you lose, don't lose the lesson. Right? +14
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