Hey there. First of all, thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help out.

Okay so here's the problem. I frequently use online games and download programs like uTorrent and Limewire, and all of a sudden I can't access my router through anymore! Ports which were open seem to have closed so my downloads are crawling and the lag monster has got me!

I really need help, so any advice or ideas would be much appreciated.

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If you don't have a bu-ku of settings, try holding in the reset button on the firewall for 30 seconds or so to restore the system defaults.... then try accessing it through the web panel


I have the basic XP pro firewall on, but the ports are forwarded for that.

I'll give the reset option a go and tell you what happens.


Resetting my router didn't work, deactivating my firewall didn't work either.


Also, when I open CMD and type ping and tracert, both recognize that it's there. I'm using a BT Voyager router, and all its settings come up as they should.

EDIT: Sorry about the triple post.

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