Hello Support,

Our Current Exchange Server 2016 (CU3) was running and last week upgraded to Latest CU17

Issue we have noticed below:

After installing Exchange 2016 CU17,we have notice that there is a cosmetic issue with how the update is listed in Add/Remove programs. In the screenshot below, note that Exchange 2016 Cumulative Update 3 is listed, but the version number is not the CU17 version number.

For reference the versions of the relevant CUs are shown below. Note that the above screenshot shows the CU17 version, but the text string shows CU3.

Exchange 2016 CU3 is 15.01.0544.027
Exchange 2016 CU17 is 15.01.2044.004
as the version information shown in Exchange Management Shell is correct. On the Exchange server, we can check the version information using something like:

Note that PowerShell shows the correct version information for CU17 – 15.01.2044.004

This issue is discussed in KB XXX “Cumulative Update 3” appears in Programs and Features after you install Exchange Server 2016 Cumulative Update 17.

Also in our vulnerability tools show CU3 in Outdated version,

Please advise

Maybe you needed a confirmation so here goes.

Always report bugs.

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