First off i have to say its been a long time since i been here.

Second i would like to say glad this site is still around.

Third i need a program that allows me to recover a deleted file on my harddrive and i need to have it work even if the file got taken out of the recycle bin.

The file is a microsoft word document and it was a poem that i wrote real recently.

thanx and much kudos to the person that gets me a program that is free trial to use to recover the file. need one that is for sure to work and not people just saying its gonna work. already tried a couple but had no luck.

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I have used this product in the past to recover deleted files. http://www.pctools.com/file-recover/

However, keep in mind that many of the products out there will be able to do the job, if the file has not been overwritten on the drive itself. Of course, the more time that has passed since the file has been deleted, the more chance, it has been overwritten.


The issue is that once you delete something, it is placed in the recycle bin. The recycle bin is basically just a folder like any other folder. HOwever, when you empty the recycle bin, Windows tells the file system that the file is no longer needed. At this time, the file is still on the drive. However, that file system marks that space avaialble. As you write new files to the hard drive, the file sysetm may use that space at any time.

I am not an expert in the field of data recovery, but I do know that there are companies out there that specialize in recovering data even when information have been overwritten, drives destroyed, etc...

I do not beleive that you will find that level of recovery with software you can download from the internet.

Again, I've used the product that i listed above. However, i recovered the file immediately after it was deleted. I did not even install the application on the same drive. I took out the hard drive where the file was deleted, placed it in another computer where I installed the recovery software because I did not want to take a chance where the installation of a new app would be written to the same location where my file was located.


sorry running on a laptop so that would be a problem. i really dont feel like dealing with the taking apart of a laptop if you had an idea of how hard it was to take away a laptop you would already know thats its not an easy task. that is not good um can anyone tell me the name of that business lol. guess the best thing i could do is send them an email. and see what could be done.


load the program.its free , and run it to look for deleted files ,if it finds it you will save thousands of dollars ,if it doesn't find it ,then you will pay some company the big dollars to find it for you ,if the file isn't that important and worth a few hundred dollars to a thousand or more even ,then you will have to just recreate it .

check this companys brief price list .

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oh yeah, the hard drive is usually the easiest thing to remove from a laptop , 1or2 screws to remove the cover and a couple more to remove the drive ,

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