This is a really annoying problem, when i click on the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop or the shortcut, it does not open. The only way i can open it is to right click and press open. This means that i cannot press on any links that open a new window, i cannot post in groups (such as MSN) and press Hotmail in MSN Messenger. I am using Windows 98, A Dell computer, Pentium 2 and IE is supplied by BTOpenworld. I hope somebody can help me:sad:

I forgot to mention, i have repaird Internet Explorer (I am using Explorer 6), reinstalled it, reinstalled windows, deleted cookies, deleted temp files, defragd,scan disk, virus scan. But nothing seems top work. It all started after i downloaded, MSN Messenger 6.1, and it stopped working about a month ago. I think.

i had that problem u know what i did to get around it right click on ur start bar go to toolbars and check off address and that shod put a address bar in your start bar and u shood be able to type in whearever u whant to go and hit enter and it shod get u thier