I recently installed Windows ten in an older Toshiba Satellite P755=S5182 laptop. I have done this installation many times before and thought I had turned off most of the annoyances. I installed drivers and updates and a few programs ie, Chome , Acrobat Reader, etc. When I insert a USB flash drive and File Explorer opens, Up Pops Microsoft Edge with numerous tabs offering "help with using File Explorer". I have already set Chrome as the default browser but I must have missed something in the settings. Anyone have ideas about what to turn off?
Mahalo for your help.

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I'm making some assumptions about your install as to well, I'll wait till later.

Did you repair and then reset Edge? Read how at https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/edge/forum/all/microsoft-edge-opens-up-multiple-unwanted-windows/73b95cb5-561e-4c0d-ba48-564a6ff0474a

The usual I encounter if that fails is …

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Thank you. The repair and reset of Edge seems to have worked. As far as Cortana goes I will ask the owner of the computer when I give it back to her.
Mahalo Tarael

It's back!
I followed those links and installed Edge Deflector. It seems to solve the problem but only temporarily. When I reboot the problem comes back. I have turned off all notifications, turned off Cortana, set Chrome as the default browser, also set defaults by file type and changed every one that used Edge to Chrome.
It seems that all of those links, even the "howtogeek" page are from 2017 or 2018. The new Edge has been "fortified". I have not had this problem on any other machine. Perhaps it is because the Satellite is older and came with Windows 7.
Another issue is when I use the search box and type in a search the "Open results in Browser" link does not give me the option to choose the browser. It always searches with Bing in Edge.
Any further suggestions would be welcome.

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