My pc has crashed due to installation of spybot. Does not improve after uninstalling the same.The pc switches off after five minutes. Tried to format it again new but to no avail it switched off in midprocess, Please help. My Pc is at home and Iwork it offline ie theres no net there.

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so you reinstalled windows and it still freezes ,sot it not software ,unless maybe you didn't install all the newest and updated drivers ,so it must be hardwre or dust buildup causing excess heat

What do you mean by crashed? Cannot start up and login or your computer keep on freezing.

Make sure that you are not doing the repair option when the pc boots from your installer disc. Do a fresh install. But if your computer is shutting down before the install gets done, you might have some blown capacitors. You might want to open up your box and take a look inside. Look at the cylindrical parts, if they look bulging or the insides are showing then your motherboard is cooked. Something else that could make it shutdown intermittently is your fans. If the fans are not cooling down your processor, it will shut down on you every time. Make sure they are shooting out air out of your box.

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Open the cover and take a close look at the mobo. Check and see whether the component like the capacitor has swollen, check the PC fan and power supply fan to see whether it still work, check whether the voltage fluctuate and lastly check other component like VGA graphic card, CD ROM, hard disk to see whether they are in proper condition. Hope this help.

Hi. Firstly checkout your system properly, whether all the devices working properly or not. If all devices are working, try to restart the system. Again, if you find the same problem its better to consult some expert when your important data is at stake.