So today i went on a long trip to san diego, so i stopped at a hotel and i decided to turn on my toshiba to play some games, the toshiba was dead so i got out my charger and plugged it in but it still didnt turn on. I noticed it was exposed to the sun when i was driving and some blankets were on it. (my toshiba model is the satellite C855D-S5340). I’ve tried the tutorials on my ipad to try to get it working but none of them worked. Could someone please help me?

dangbach commented: It may be battery exhaust, take off the battery, plug in the charger! if nothing happened you use the voltage checker the charger, sometimes it does +0

At 9 years old, not unexpected to see the end. Try the usual but keep in mind I didn't check if the battery is easily unplugged.

  1. Unplug charger and battery then press and hold the power button for 60 seconds. Release, slip in battery, apply power, wait and few minutes and try again.
  2. Replace the CMOS/Clock battery and repeat step 1.
commented: I havent seen any sign of it turning on and i dont have the tools to get to the motherboard of my toshiba. Any other ideas? +0

I think I've worked on a Toshiba C855D series and the tool I used to get inside was a standard Philips screwdriver. Now it would be debateable what you would do inside if you don't do such work but hey, I'd invest a dollar and replace the CMOS/Clock battery and repeat step 1.

I don't think you can work this issue without some investment such as a new charger but some folk want a sure fix. OK, sure fix. Take it to a repair shop but considering that such a shop visit here starts at $150 USD and this machine is 9 years old my advice is to try what you can for cheap then shop for replacements if the cheap ideas don't pay off.

Hello, we had such a problem, had to take it to the repair shop and after an investment of $ 350, we repaired it and everything works!

Katherine, are you the same person as Eerol? I'm confused.

commented: No, I'm a different person)) +0
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