I found an ancient OEM version of Age of empires II and its expansion pack on a windows ME cd yesterday. Does anyone still play it? wanna have some mp matches?

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Yes I have played it but have dumped it a long time back. I completed all the campaigns and after that the game started to look boring...

Dont think you would get many takers here.

Maybe Miss Dani should start a new Lounge for gamers so they can discuss the games they have played ... but dont think many people would participate in such a thing...


meh i find the random maps against miltiple opponents on big maps make it interesting i also like the map editor fucntion and the expansion is actually good

a gamers forum would be good but its hardly "tech talk"
it would be good to discuss old but classic games and arrange multiplayer on golden oldies like fallout tactics, operation flashpoint, half-life1, unreal tournament (old) etc....

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