I am having a problem with the Internet Explorer 7 history. (Windows XP) When I click the star for "Favorites Center" to view the history and click "By Order Visited Today" it is blank. I have the option "Days to keep pages in history" set to 180 and the "Disk space to use" at 75. I checked to make sure and the "Empty Temorary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" is not checked. Also when I try to view "By date" and click one of the weeks, it will not open. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It seems that your browser history folder might have got corrupted. Hence it is always suggested to keep the history for not more than 30 days. If possible please try and do a system restore to an earlier date and time. You might get a bit lucky with that. It also seems that your computer was turned off unexpectedly due to a power failure.

Thanks for the help! I deleted the history and that seemed to correct the problem. Thank you!