I've deployed a 32-bit Windows 8.1 on VirtualBox on Windows 10, yet when I am logging in on the VM, a few seconds after the desktop appears, it starts flickering like a looping refresh, and I am unable to see any icons.
Any fix for this, without having to reinstall the whole thing again?


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What host OS are you running? I have run XP and Win7 on my CentOS 6 Linux system without problems. Haven't tried Win8.x yet.


There are recurring issues with Windows logins so I won't get into that yet. Try this. When you log into your W8.1 try another account.

To save me a lot of typing I'm still encountering "corrupt profile" issues on W8.1 now and then. Not on my personal machines but folk have brought me a few over time.


@rubberman - host OS is Windows 10 Pro
@rproffitt - will try to see with a new profile and give my feedback


@rproffitt - tried with a new profile but still same issue. Any other fix recommended?



In the next week I will be able to try W8.1 in VirtualBox hosted by a W10 Pro. It's not that I'm doing this for you but I'm going to try it as I can slip that in some current work. May be a week or two.

But and this is a big one, I'm an old hand at drivers. The host machine will be spotless and current on drivers. I don't have anything iffy as to the video area going on like an Intel GMA that could run out of video memory and do odd things.

Also, I re-read your top post and it sounds like you are not trying another install in a VM. I know folk that want to repair a blown Windows OS but as time wears on I'm less inclined to fixes rather than a do over.

PS. Added this with edit. It looks like the host will be some old Core2Quad HP d5000t with an older Nvidia GT240 in it.

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