My neighbor is experiencing a problem with his Windows XP computer. From what he told me his computer was shut down improperly. And when he booted it back up, it jumps to this blue screen and nothing is functional at all. He even tried booting it in safe mode and it hasn't worked. What can he do to fix this?

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If he still has his (OS disk), the windows xp installation disk, then he can re-install his windows and that should fix it.


You could also try booting into rescue mode from the install CD and see if you can fix it from there. Might be less painful than a full reinstall.

Also- where exactly in the boot process does it go bluescreen? Depending on the severity of the improper shutdown (a power outage, for example), there might have been some physical damage to some component of the system.


I assume it's right when you are suppost to see the Windows XP Welcome/user log-in screen that the screen just turns blue.

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