Hey, I recently installed MSN Premium browser on my computer. I did this for the MLB.tv service and the universal 'ease' of having everything microsoft running on my PC. The problem is, ever since I installed this browser, my computer will not shutdown, restart or log out of windows. I can lock my computer, but that is it. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have Windows XP Professional
All the latest service packs (just checked before coming here).

dont' think this matters but my PC is
an HP
has 384 MB of Ram
60 GB hard disk
only 1 ghz processing
pentium III
(as you can see, I'm not a computer guy)

what you need here is to donwload from symantec.com the sasser worm or the blaster worm removal tool and run them separately, while running log off the internet and close any open windows adn remove any new hardware or software you installed on your computer on symante.com you will find everything from what can the virus casue to what it does while it is on your pc and then if you can't fix this. try formatting your hard drive and erase any partitions you have and make new ones and don't use xp anymore try using 2000 or 98