Hi. I'm not very computer literate, but know the basics. I've just installed windows XP, previously WIn 98, but my sound won't work. It did mention during a scan that my VIA '97 something about sound, wouldn't work. But i've tried to update all that with downloads from the internet, but it still doesn't work.
Please help me with this. I'm sure it's something quite simple and straightforward which i just can't see. :o

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Try making sure your Sound spec's are turned up. It could mean you need a new sound card...but if your sound worked on ur previous OS, it should work on XP. Try going into control panel>sound and making sure nothing is muted


Did you go into the Device Manager (or the XP equivalent) and see if the driver is loaded and working properly? You can try deleting the device and having the OS detect it again too.

I have run into things that ran great on older OS, but not under new ones.


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