I've had it..
Here's my dilemma (and I'm not a techie, so easy on the feedback)

I have Windows98
I have Grokster (it's a music downloading program) www.grokster.com
They forced me to download a new version (the old one would no longer connect me to their software).
So far so good... as soon as I got the download now I notice various ugly things... they incorporated myway, lycos, spyware, ads and all kinds of trash.. if that wasn't bad enough, my computer now is basically useless.
Whenever I turn on my computer I get various errors:
wupdater.exe seems to always be running
there's some file (i don't know what) that wants to immediately look for online connection. A window pops up asking me if i want to connect or work offline.
AOL doesn't work either. I can dial up ok, get connected and immediately get kicked off with a WAOL has performed an illegal operation.
I tried to uninstall the Grokster s/w using Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. I clicked on Grokster, click on uninstall. It will not remove the program.
Please any help... I did run Antivirus, but did not find any bugs at all.
I'm about to trash the computer...

Do not panic!!!! This is going to be an easy fix.
First download STARTER and stop everything(gator,grokster as much as you can) from starting up on Boot. http://www.webattack.com/downloadfind.php?st=starter&search=Search&action=s
Second take a look at this remedy

BIG"B's Linked Online Security FOR XP
Top Four Security Downloads (you must have them)

Note: All downloads above are worthless without updates

Oh and dont forget about the added spyware Grokster gives you free of charge called GATOR is this in your tool bar?

Thanks for the pointers... I'll see any of your suggestions work.
Is there any s/w out there that can force a program to be uninstalled with all of its original components and add-ons?

I'll post tomorrow my findings...
thanks again

You check your computer security and you check it often,there aint no reason not to.

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