well i installed windows 2000 on my compaq presario 700US laptop. sadly drivers are wierd as compaq will not support 2000, just XP.
so here is my question. where do i get the drivers for windows 2000? I use to know a site about this topic but have forgotten it. and google search has yielded little useful information.
this is why I will never agian buy from the fallowing companies: dell, compaq, HP, and gateway.

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Do you know all the specs for your computer? Can't you just go to Compaq/HP website, find the specs, and then go to each individual manufacturer and download the drivers individually? (e.g., suppose you have an Nvidia geforce video card, download drivers from nvidia.com, etc etc)

well that is the problem. i know the specs but here come the typical american business BS
the makers of the exact part in the laptop cant release the drivers. only compaq can.
compaq only supports windowsXP with this laptop(and i am NOT useing XP, or atleast the version they have)
some drivers work fine, like the sound driver. other drivers work for the chipset, display driver.
however there was a site that gave instructions and the exact driver you needed. does anyone know of it.
system in question
presario 700US laptop
1.2Ghz AMD, via chipsets

honestly i think i got all the drivers
however here is my paradox. i need to use the laptop. to do that i need to install drivers. however i have no way to load them onto the system. i need to burn them onto a disk.
however i do not have admin status to use nero. is there any software out there that i can use and install without admin, i am a power user.
i hate this whole mess

never mind, i got the admin password. and problem solved

Glad to hear you got everything working. Just a quick question - you installed Windows 2000 on your laptop but you're only a power user, not the admin?

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