I installed vista business, and i'm kinda put out that there really is 'no' multimedia anything on it. I mean, that's not too big of a deal for me, because i use a lot of 3rd party applications when it comes to video editing and music/video playback. but, it's disconcerting that it doesn't even have WMP on it.

doesnt it even have WMP!
Can it be installed?

I looked around on the MS website trying to find out how, and i never found a specific page that told me yes or no in a straight way, but when i attempted to download WMP 11, it told me that there are no compatible versions for my version of windows.

That's really bad because what if you are in a business enviroment and you aren't aloud to install software on the pc? There are circumstances that you actually

That's really bad because what if you are in a business enviroment and you aren't aloud to install software on the pc? There are circumstances that you actually need a media player. Especially because it is available for microsoft to use. It's like Microsoft Windows Vista Business N

Windows Vista Home Basic N and Business N. Created to satisfy power-hungry antitrust regulators in the EU, the so-called Vista N Editions are just like their related non-N versions, but drop Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, and other Windows Media-related technologies.

well, that about sums it up. kinda makes you want to do something mean. except, for all my video needs, i use sony vegas, and winamp is just a codec pack away from becoming my main media player.

i got XP N. Its crap - i have to use VLC for everything grrrrr

Why did you buy XP N? and why don't you use something like iTunes?

well i dont have an ipod and i dislike apple as i mean, if MS made it so say, wma music only plays on the zune people would be up in arms but thats exactly what apple are doing (and getting away with!!!)

i got xp N in france by the way. It was cheap there

That would be DRM and its a pretty different argument. lol

I don't really think that is what the iPod is doing though. What about something like realplayer or that Sony thing. Was it significantly cheaper than normal XP then?

n is same price as reg xp here in britaon. its just when i went to france it was only £80 for XPHome N and i thaught it was good value

That is good value. Its not in french is it lol. ;)

it is in places but most bits can be changed to British English so its not a problem

I think we may have side tracked so anyone else want to make a comment on the version they are going to buy?

hmm. I want media player but im not bothered about media centre
aero is a must as its the one cool thing vista has
i need ability to join a domain / iis

suppose ill have to get ultimate but its £375 here grr :(

ill use XP until its EOL (thats 2009 isnt it?) then ill just install it on one crap pc for the purpose of VB6, Ms Access, college VPN and games and put CentOS on all the others

reackon XP SP3 (first half of 2008) will be anything new? (aero lol that would be a surprise)
or will it be a rollup like with windows 2000?

Work wouldn't spring for the ultimate ...and only the business office has one computer that we put it on, one in finance, planning and real estate runs macs, we got one vista computer in education cuz we run macs and pcs ( I had to whine alot to get a vista computer for the kids especially the big one . .. and they don't anticipate buying new vista compatible computers till 3-5 yrs from now ..cuz we just replaced computers a year ago. And the budget drifted over to emergency services and maint.

But the vista copmputers are sweet ...why couldn't they come up with this earlier!

But we just got the business version : (.

Vista ultimate thanks for your reply message rimos newbie

I'm getting a bunch of free licenses for vista business through school. I'll probably buy ultimate for my next new computer. It's only $200 for ultimate at newegg.com.

Got Ultimate when I got my Dell

My laptop came with Home Premium.


Its more than that for a full retail version of home basic here in the uk - here ultimate is over £375 for full edition (thats about £750)

For me, there is only Ultimate.

jbennet, you could just go to newegg.com and buy it in us $'s.

if i buy from US its loads for shipping and then i have to pay tax

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