if u tired to see windows98 shutdown screen everytime you shutdown your computer....do the following-

Unhide files from folder option

In windows folder look for 'Logow.sys' file then open with by choosing program 'paint'......then edit it save at its original location

Note: Do not fill the file too much this may cause to file to not visible at shutdown

and if you have one of those old systems which dont power off automatically, but instead display the message "It's now safe to shut down the computer", you can edit the logos.sys in the same directory.

Also, if you wish to change the startup logo, make a bitmap file, 320x200 resolution with 256 color and ensure the file size is 127KB. Name this file logo.sys and place this in the root drive.

Note: logos.sys and logow.sys should also be bitmap files, 320x200 resolution with 256 color