ok guys first time poster here so ill try give you much detail as i can hopefully someone can solve this

ok am trying to installing XP onto a new hard drive Maxtor 80gb 7200 8mb catche (its only for testing appz on)

ok on boot up i click F8 and goto CD rom click return

it checks the hardware

then loads up thr hardware needed

then i get windows its now starting and bang it goes pair shaped

Its dark blue screen saying

Stop: C0000221 Unknown hard Error

ok ive tried two different hard drives and 2 different puters get the same error

Ive formatted both hard drives before installing XP

Could it be the disk?

Thanks once again in advance

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dont think so some how

650w power supply

tried on to different pc's both the same error am thinking the disc


That sounds like my prob great thanks

Could be my M-Board or my ram

So am going to chuck the gigabyte board away and buy new one

Sorry for changing the topic but is A-bit a god choice or not want something stable as its a server

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