Hello. I am pretty familiar with computers and hardware though no genius by any means. I am trying to wipe my gateway win-xp home completly clean and reinstall win-xp pro. I have the cd, prod. key and all the drivers and sp 2 cd's I need. I started following the guide for reformatting but I am having some issues. I can't boot from cd-rom. I have set my bios to boot from cd and it tries, but then skips it and loads normally. I am on a laptop and have no floppy drive. So I can't make a floppy boot. The win-xp cd works just fine, it loads in normal screen, just won't boot from cd. PLease help!!!!

Is this CD which you're trying to use bootable ? That is to say if it's a copy, did you make a direct disk to disk copy or did you drag the files to it?

Honestly im not sure, I got it from a friend :)

Well, see if the disk works on another computer. if it doesn't we know for sure that the CD is the culprit here.