Hey guys. Ok, well it was my assumption that Microsoft could let you activate a Windows XP product key as many times as needed on a single machine. Now, I reformat my computer about once everu 3-4 months to keep up performance. Recently when I reformated the computer, installation went fine as expected, but when it came time to activate windows, I got a message stating "the number of times I can activate this product key have been exceeded.... please use a different product key." What the heck?!?!?!?! Anybody have a similar problem.......?

why are you reformatting the hard drive that often??? Are you getting a lot of viruses? If yes, stop visiting all those pron sites :cheesy: I've had mine installed over 3 years now and never reformat/reinstall the os. Reformatting the hard drive just to improve performance does little, if any good.

The best way to improve performance is to just defragment the hard drive. XP has built-in defragmenter that you can use. Just double-click MyComputer, right-click on the drive you want to degragment, select properties, select Tools Tab, and hit the "Defragment Now" button.