I'm not sure if I've posted this in the right forum or not, but I thought it made sense since its windows live messenger. Anyway, I have recently switch from Hotmail to Gmail, but I am still wishing to use Window Live Messenger. One of my contacts is on gmail on this, but I'm not. I've signed up my account with Window Liv Id, and I can use Windows Live, but I can't make a display name. When I try to, you see this


Which is really annoying because I would like to have a display name. If any one knows how to fix, or is even had/having the same problem, it'd be really helpful. Thanks!

I can't read whatever is in the red bar. Can you type that out for us?

Generally there should be no conflict between gmail and messenger.

I've just recently switched from hotmail to gmail too & also want to use my new gmail address for windows live messenger but when I try to sign up, it wont let me because I don't have a [EMAIL="'@hotmail.com'"]'@hotmail.com'[/EMAIL] email address! any ideas on what I can do please?

I have the same problem. When I try to log on with gmail, it writes that there is some error(800048822).
I don't know what to do. can anyone help me please?

i just tried to contact somenoe @gmail usning live trying to use my webcam. disaster! wlive kept dropping the connection, all sorts of error messages. noone online it said-not one of 300 contacts! reported to MS, expect a change in another 4 years like b4.

There are many things in this thread, and I think most of them aren't connected (except because they're all about live messenger)

The first one: You can 't change your display name until you've clicked the activation link. Did you do that ? Afterwards you can just use your gmail-adress as a Live-ID and shouldn't have any trouble using Live Messenger.

The second one: You can use other adresses, just click "use your own e-mailadress" or something similar. I'm Belgian/Dutch speaking, so I don 't know the exact translation in English.

The third: Error 800048822 basicly says you're live-ID credentials are wrong or non-existant. Make sure you've signed up for a live-ID with your mail-adress, you can 't just use gmail-adresses without signing up for Live ID. If you did, make sure your mail-adress and password are correct (Live-ID password, not gmail-password)

Fourth problem: Connection troubles can sometimes be solved by opening up the right ports on your firewall. Althought it's not recommended to open them up, if your firewall is too strict, you should allow connections according to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927847 (I hope everyone sees that page in their language :) )