I one hdd in my pc. I have partitioned it in three parts. on first part I have installed win xp, Now I want to install win xp on other part, Can you anybody tell me how can I do this?

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Boot from your Windows XP CD, and when you are asked where you want the new OS to be installed, choose the partition -> done.

During Startup, you will be asked which OS you want to start.

But why install XP twice?



I have installed xp in DOS format and i have problems installing some software. I need to convert that part to NTFS, to do that, that part of hdd should not be working. If I install xp on other part then I will be able to that.

When I insert the Xp cd for installation it only shows one partition, the one on which the xp is already installed on. Is there any other way that I can see all partitions?

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