Been tring to set up apache for 4 days now.have it running to get web page as index.html in its own directory,from LocalHost.
I have a domain name at godaddy {parked]Forwarded to my DYNDNS.
My host name at Dyndns is "
My domain name is
My computer{web-server] i named "webserver"

my router port I named webserver and I made an ips for the webserver say192.111.1.111 [example}.
In the config file for "server name"do i change that or leave"localhost.com80"?
I have the "user Directory pointing to a file I made,and that works.
Virtualhost,this it seems that I can do this part later,if I want to put My Domain name on "myserver"
Guess that Im just confussed on the paths from godaddy to Dyndns to "My server here".
For got to say that I use sbc to get my internet connection,{changes all the time, that is why I use DYNDNS.
I sure would like some help.
The rest I could figure out,well at least it will be on the net.Makes one feel good.
Thank guys !:confused: