I had problems wit xp on my desktop and now problems with windows 2k advanced server. I'd migrate back to me (sooo much better), but no network printing, and no iis which makes it a no no. Two problems:

1. WHEN I TRY TO OPEN UP MY STUPID D PARTITION... it asks 2 format!! i'm going to take out my hd, and put it in another computer and test to see if it's just a messed up partition or what. But, that'll take time, and that's something i have little of. Any clue as to why this is happening, note this is a partition not a drive.

2. When i try to open/use ANY cd in my burner, it says incorrect function. First of all, what are they trying to recall (function part)!! Second... anyone experience this problem. B4 installing windows 2k adv serv, i had win me and i had no problems on it. Now that i have win 2k adv serv, i have problem after problem!

Hmm... sounds to me like you have a BIOS incompatibility... or even worse... your hard drive may not support nt. (happened once to me... my hard drive's firmware didnt support novell.. and i could install fine... but then when i did things... everything would be corrupt). Check on those two things. Maybe there's a bios update?

Hmmmmmmmmm can be a bunch of things.

I heard of Motherboard not supporting a lot of Windows Based OS's. I never heard about a Hard Drive not supporting something unless it's called some cheap ass german brand hard drive lol. JK man hehe you know I love you.

There is a thing calleed HCL Hardware Compatibility List

do a search on www.microsoft.com for 'hcl'

See if your Mobo supports Win2k and WinXP

But like Tek said update your BIOS and give it another try.

BAH!!! so many stupid problems wit win 2k! i'm pretty sure it supports win 2k, but egh, i'll fix it lata!!!


why not try a system recovery.




make sure you back up all your files.



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