Am a novice so if my question is utter rubbish, I do appologize, but please try to help.

I wrote an application in which I declared a global array and initialized this array with uniquely identifiable data.

The application itsef does not alter the data at all, only reads it (and may print it).

OK. So I've got an exe file which can be run. No problems.

Now: I wrote another application which opens the above mentioned exe file, reads it bytewise and locates the exact offset where the identifiable array is in the exe file.

Once the location of the array is known by the second application, it overwrites the data in the array and closes the first exe file.

When I now try to run the first exe file, Windows does nothing...
(or does do something and does not inform anything)

Any ideas?
Thanks for any.

How are you launching the executable?

Oh and by the way, editing an executable is real a pain. If you have access to the source code, it would be better editting it there and then recompiling it.

Other options may include using a hex editor to view the executable but that's not pretty.