I've been thinking of putting a SATA card in my machine to connect a 160Gb hard drive. Can Windows 98 SE handle a drive this size?

question is - can it work with the card? do you have the drivers?
theoretically fat32 (win98 doesn't support ntfs unless you install some 3rd party software) can work with up to 32Gb hard disks. that's of course totally wrong, and it's just microsoft's way of not solving fat32 issues with large drives.
anyhow, I'd move on to XP before upgrading

Thanks. The card comes with Windows 98 SE drivers so it should work but will the drive size be a problem?

depends on the size of the files. anyhow, upgrading IS the better option

For those who may be interested I used Maxtor's MaxBlast which found and installed my SATA drive. I now have the full capacity of my 160Gb drive running on my Windows 98 SE system - a brillient piece of software.