Well according to Microsoft Windows 98 will not be supported by Microsoft at the end of the year! yay!!!!!!

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lol! this wud be the 1st time i kept using an OS until it was retired! will keep runnin 98 on 1 of my sys's (its actually been very stable 4 me); the other 1 i'm gonna turn in2 a Linux box, and, if funds become avail i'm gonna build a stout sys to load Win2kPro on2... the king is dead, the king is dead, long live the king...

amen again thank god the only good side to windows 98 is people need it fixed like companies and are willing to pay money lol


lol! interesting choice of words MAD_DOG, but i'll definitely offer up an Amen! to that as well! ;D

Windows98 is such a piece of crap with so many memory leaks.
A fun way to crash a win98 machine 100% of the time is by setting an infinite loop through debug.exe

a 100
jmp 101


The second line makes the CPU stop listening to any commands from any other process, such as windows, and "jmp 101" loops it... so it hangs.

On some Win98 machines if you put this under START-->RUN
"c:\con\con" and hit enter, it would crash.

Lovely, isn't it?

Can you think of any other ways to crash Windows? Letting it run for five minutes idle doesn't count. =)

Hmmm ...

I'm still running Win98 on my laptop. I should really format the thing and put RedHat or some other linux distro on there. It does good w/ linux (no compatibility/hardware problems of any sort - which is pretty good for a y2k vaio)

I wouldn't put Linux on something portable like that (maybe if you're going to have a dual bootup). Wherever you go, most likely you'll see Windows being used and you'll want a Windows machine in which you can easily interact with.

Windows 98 = Good....



The only thing I will EVER use 98 for, would be for formatting with a 2K Upgrade Disk.

Well according to Microsoft Windows 98 will not be supported by Microsoft at the end of the year! yay!!!!!!

98 is one of the BEST os's ever released!

M$ was stupid for ending support on it... (Im actually surprised they didnt keep support going and charge a fee for updates,etc)

even though they said they will end the support, they may not...they did the same thing last time...there will be too many people asking for support that Bill Gates will have to be pretty stupid to end the support, he'll probably find a way to make some money some how....

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