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Hello guys,

Have a quick question on configuring a VPN. I was trying to configure VPN on my local machine (Win XP), so that i can access my machine anywhere else. Please correct me if i am wrong because i am just beginner in this.

In order to use the VPN we got to have VPN server configures on my local machines so that it can get all the incoming VPN calls from the clients. My problem is here.

This is how my home networking infrastructure look like. I have Linksys router(WRT54G). Behind that we got totally 3 system on IP ranges from to For the information i have opened the VPN port 1723 on my router to accept the incoming calls. Is there anymore ports which need to opened??

When i try to configure my VPN serve we will be asked to enter the IP address. I have read tutorials on the web but i dint understand. May be u all can help me. By default most the tutorial say that select the DHCP option. Some say to give static IP address.

Can any one explain me why do need to have an IP address there. Which is the best way is it Dynamic or static. More over from the remote Mahican how do I connect to my home PC. Which IP address should I use. Is that the IP address given by the ISP. That is nothing much WAN IP address or something else which need to be entered while it ask me for the Host IP address on connecting to my home PC.

Thanks very much guys. Sorry for the lengthy post.


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