Win XPSP 1600ghz Athlon

I have Firefox IE6 Opera9 Beta & SeaMonkey

My problem is that the default browser is stuck on Firefox. even though the "Check to see if IE6 is default" is enabled as with Opera & SeaMonkey. I still get the "do you wish to set.........browser as default after I have previously changed it to default.

I have looked in Set Program Access & Defaults


Use my current web browser

of IE6 Firefox & SeaMonkey No radio button ticked

Opera not shown


Choose a web browser of IE6 Firefox & SeaMonkey

Opera 9 not shown


Web Browser Internet Explorer

Enable Access IE6 Firefox Seamonkey

Can anyone help I want to freely exchange between all 4 browsers in terms of any one as the default as I choose.

I cannot figure out what is locking Firefox



This should word:
click start
click run
type in "regedit" (without the quotes)
in regedit, find and open "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT"
scroll all the way down to the HTTP folder, and open it.
make sure the "open" folder is highlighted
right click on the highlighted "open" folder, and choose the export option
Save it somewhere, with a name you choose (doesn't matter, it's a back up)
After it's saved, make sure the open folder is opened (expanded) and find the command folder, click it.
Now on the right pane, you'll see a file looking thing called (default), double click it. When the box comes up, change the text to "something.exe" without the quotes.
Now close out of the registry editor altogether, and open IE. Inside IE, click tools, internet options, and then click on the "Programs" tab at the top.
At the bottom of that window, make sure "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser" is checked.
Close that, reboot windows (start, shutdown, restart), and it should work.