I've been having a problem with Windows ME where, when left alone for a length of time, it will freeze. It will awaken from sleep, but will freeze if just left alone. Any help with this issue is appreciated.

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First of all Welcome to Daniweb !

Now please you can tell me about your system configuration and any other bugs happening before it happens

1) what are your specs
2) is it overheating?

Please get all windows updates for windows ME.

The computer is a Compaqs 5127SR (5000 series) Pentium III processor


40 GB hard drive.

I actually found out more with some digging. The computer goes into "sleep" mode, where the keyboard will have the moon symbol lit up, but nothing else goes to sleep. It happens randomly. I can have 6 programs running, with no problem. Yet, if I just leave it on its own, it freezes. I really don't know much about this computer, so thats all I can provide.

I don't believe it is overheating, though.

I only mentioned overheating because of its age as over time dust gets into the PC and blocks up the CPU fan and heatsink causing it to become less effective.

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Dear stickman

First disable all auto shut up setting from properties of windows (right click on desktop) and select power from screen saver then look fo standby-harddisk turn off etc. click there and select Never to all

Or if till it happens after disabling this all things another fact is may be that your system is infected that starts its activities when system is in idle mode try to find out malfunction by antivirus software (with update)
Note: This is all suggestion from me not a actual solution

I followed your advice and it still happens. I also double checked for heat and dust buildup, but I haven't found anything. The only thing left is that it may have a virus.

i dont know is ME has this command (might be nt based systems only) but go to run and try

sfc /scannow

you might need your ME disk. It will check and see if any of your system files are corrupted

ME is like 98se just the SFC is needed

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thank you for that, caperjack


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