Good Evening. Two irritating problems began 2 weeks ago:
1: I run Windows 98 SE and in the past have dealt successfully with spyware and virus problems, using Antivir, Adaware, Spybot and running Hijack this.
My outlook Express Inbox file is huge: 350 mega, but I have removed all of its letters; no letters appear. I used a demo copy of mail Navigator to see that all the old letters are really there and the file is corrupt; but how can I clear it without spending extra cash?
Can I delete the inbox and let Outlook Express open another automatically?

At the same time, I am suddenly unable to open more than one explorer window at a time. I open a new one and the old one vanishes.

I have wasted too much time on these aggravating issues and i want my computer back! I will happily pass on what I learn from you to others with similar problems.

all the best,

Regarding a 350 MB file, try this for a size (testing purpose):
Instead of deleting it try renaming it. If windows don't let you rename it try doing it in a DOS session (exit to DOS) then see what goes on with your outlook express. If everithing comes to normal just delete the renamed file. If not, ther is always option of removing the outlook express
- if ms office is not installed: Control panel\Add/remove Programs/Setup windows components - just uncheck the oulook express check box
- if the ms office is installed you will have to remove it via microsoft office setup progam

To reinstall it you will need Win install CD or office CD.

As for the other thing, there is a option via tools(explorer window menu bar)/folder settings to open windows in a same window or separate windows.


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