Hi Everyone

I have a notebook running Vista and want to change what happens when I depress a particular key on the keyboard. More specifically, I want to change the 'arrow up' key to 'think' it's a 'shift' key.

Is this posible? If so, how do I go about 'reprogramming' the keyboard outputs.

Any help with this would be much appreciate.


ps...apologies if this is not the correct forum to post this question.

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why would you even want to do that? just press the standard shift key.

Reason for wanting to do this is because the 'standard' shift key on the right hand side of my keyboard is far too small (approx 1cm wide) and I end up hitting the 'arrow up' key (which sits next to the shift key) by mistake when typing (big frustration). Thus, remapping the arrow up key would make my small shift key bigger (at least, that's the idea).


To my knowledge there is no standard way of remapping the keyboard keys except by changing the keyboard language (English, German, Spanish etc). But if you are a C or C++ programmer you could write a program that would hook into the keyboard device driver and make that change.

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