Hi all ,

I have an Standalone application client which pass excel/access file path(absolute) in to EJB server which will convert corresponding excel/access file in to XML.

Till now i have hard-code an excel sheet path in application client but i need to make it to work for any excel sheet.

What i need to accomplish

whenever if an excel sheet opened and saved it should automatically call that application client (by passing current open excel/access absolute path )which will in turn call EJB server to convert in to corresponding XML file format.

How can i retrieve absolute path name of current file(excel/access) whenever save button is clicked ?

I think of using macro and batch files to accomplish this task but when the number of clients increase i think it may become a terrible one.

I'm i right ? or i can use that idea (macro and batch file)?

So give me some ideas how can i accomplish this task .

Thanks in advance

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You'd need to write a plugin of some sort for Excel to do that, not even sure if it will let you do that.

Hi jwenting ,
Thanks for your reply . Actually am hesitating to write macros because if i do so i have to write macro for each excel file in each client system(which is not feasible) .
Is Java's " Threading " concept will help me to resolve this problem ?
or anyother idea to resolve that prob ?


no you don't. You can write plugins for Excel that load when Excel loads and are available to all spreadsheets you open.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Java whatsoever.

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