I have a MSI PC running W2K & it won't load Windows. I was running some PC software to backup the settings just in case I have a problem (I haven't got the backup but did receive the problem).
Whilst gathering the info the software crashed, my computer blue screened and did a complete Memory Dump and since than I haven't been able to run Windows.
I have access to the Bios screens but can't get past this.
I don't have a recovery disc.

Appreciate any help as it was a reliable PC until this point :confused:


it sounds more to me like his windows install is just borked. bad hdd maybe? but thats unlikely

can you manage to get into safemode ? (just after the bios bit start hammering f8 repeatedly and you should get a menu)

I'd say he did a restore instead of a backup. It copied the default file to the BIOS instead of copying the BIOS to the backup file.

As a result, the computer doesn't know what hard drive it has, so it can't access it.

There should be a utility in the BIOS to identify the hard disk. Use it.

But do NOT use a format utility - it will erase the disk.

sounds like this software has damaged windows files to me .... can you press F8 on start up and choose LAST GOOD CONFIG ? whats the last message you see ?

Kevin...what software were you using?