I upgraded from w2k to XP Pro, now my pc freezes for a few seconds at a time or worst, it automatically shuts down and restarts.

I've tried everything a novice like me could but nothing seems to work. Microsoft support has been successful either.

In desperation I have installed pc booster, memokit, boostkit, and modembooster. While each states it has optimized my system, the problems continue.

Help me please.


did you upgrade to xp over 2k ,or do a Fresh and clean install of XP

- Performing a format and fresh, clean install is always preferable to upgrading 'over the top' of an old installation of Windows. The system problems you inherit with the latter process outweigh the benefit gained from reatining documents and settings from the older install.

Best practice is to back up data etc before making system changes anyway, so there's not a great deal of point to performing an 'Upgrade install'. That upgrade CD can be used for a fresh install!

- You also need to install Windows updates immediately after installing Windows XP, in case your system contract the 'Blaster' or 'Sasser' infections, or one of their variants. Those nasty little intrusions will cause the sort of behaviour your system is exhibiting, and I suspect that you've fallen victim to one of them.

I'd suggest you format and start over, and this time do things in the following order:

Install windows.
Install an up-to- date antivirus program and have it background scanning
Connect to the Internet and Install all Windows Security updates
Proceed to install any remaining drivers and your software.

If you obtain a copy of the Microsoft Security CD mentioned in this article:


you will improve your chances of avoiding such infection considerably, because you will be able to install the most relevent updates before you connect to the internet.

And all those 'optimisation' programs you mention:

As far as I'm concerned, most of them are worse than useless! Any existing system problems are likely to be magnified, and you will also be given a false sense of security that your system's problems are being looked after for you!

Nothing beats a combination of Virus protection, Malware protection, Firewall, and a regular habit of performing drive cleanup and defragmentation!

Thanks for the tips.

First I did an upgrade and had all sorts of problems, I thought I broke it. Then I did a fresh install. I reformated the HD, partioned it to NFTS (or whatever thats called) and install XP PRO. I have McAfee antivirus running along with their personal firewall plus, and all windows critical paches are up todate..

I think I will reformat once again and install the virus software imediately. This is something I did not do imediately before and since I am on dsl (always connected to the net) a bug may have crept in.

I'll keep you posted.

Thank you very much.


I am having the same exact problem as you. Do you have an HP printer by chance? I suspect it is the HP printer because my pc would not freeze before installing the software for the 6100 all-in-one. My machine will just hang for a few seconds (cursor stops working, everything stops...) then a CPU spike and then I'm given control again. I have an HP Pavillion and it started doing this as soon as I installed the HP Printer. I use to have an EMachine and it had the same problem (but I had the software and drivers) , and I bought a new machine after the old one crashed so much it finally wouldn't reboot. Many people told me to check viruses but that is not it (I've scanned my pc with antivirus, anti-worm, you name it.) If you have an HP printer, try to unplug it and get rid of the driver and see if your machine stops hanging. I like my HP Printer, but I may be forced to change brands if I find the HP Driver is the culprit....still working on this issue....any information or opinions would be helpful....